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Thank you to the person who gave me an LJ paid time extension!  What a nice surprise!  (I'd love to do something for you, if you want to let me know. I'll screen comments in case.  :D)  I really appreciate it.

And mickeym, thank you so much for the v-gift candy hearts.  I love those!  :D

A belated thank you to annkiri  for the yellow rose.  There was no slogging--I enjoyed every minute!  <3

I am terribly absent right now, but I am trying to read my flist at least once a day so that i can keep up with everyone!  Love you guys! 
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Fics: To everyone who replied to the last fic I posted (Sam/Dean with the Ruby POV), thank you very much for the lovely comments.  I really appreciate them.  Several people left very encouraging thoughts, and I hate that I can't reply to the them.  I somehow managed to delete the entire entry--fic, comments and all.  I also deleted the emailed comments, so... *facepalm*  Anyway, I'm not ignoring comments, I'm just behind, and incompetent with LJ! :D

Shows: Entourage!  causeways , I'm watching this show on your recommendation, and I could not be happier!  It's not something I'll be fannish about, but it's so well done--I feel like I'm watching a movie, and it's something that my husband will watch with me.  I think the Ari character is my favorite so far. :D :D :D  I smile every time I think about it! :D

Books: I just finished reading Revolutionary Road, by Richard Yates.  I'll admit that I only discovered it because Kate Winslet was on the cover (yes, I'm shallow).  I read it, and wow.  It's a commentary on suburban life in the 1950s, but it's told from the POV of a couple who feel like they're above the fray, superior to all those cookie-cutter couples around them.  They are spectacularly unhappy as individuals, as well as being dissatisfied with life in general, and they make each other miserable.  It was interesting, because I disliked both characters, yet read the book really quickly and enjoyed it.  The author's descriptions are so intense--I've never read a book quite like it.  The movie is coming out soon--here's the trailer
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Happy New Year!!!

I finished watching Merlin. I really liked it, which surprised me, because I've always liked Bernard Cornwell's take on the Arthurian Legend. His trilogy (The Winter King, Enemy of God (one of the best books I've read), and Excalibur) is SO different from the angle the show takes. The books are set around 500 A.D., and there's no magic. Merlin is considered a magician, but nothing supernatural actually happens, and the focus of the books is more on Arthur, from the POV of Derfel, one of his soldiers. The stories are gritty and miserable and real, filled with damp weather, betrayals, and bloody battles with Saxons. Good stuff!

Anyway, the show is vastly different, yet totally endearing and fun to watch.

Why do so many people not like crossovers? I've seen many people say, "Well, I don't read crossovers..."

I haven't read many, because I'm not familiar with most fandoms (I've never seen Buffy or Dark Angel, or X-Files, etc), but I've read a few lately, and I am ADDICTED. I read an SGA/original Star Trek crossover that I LOVED, and the Merlin/SGA fusion that I read recently nearly sent me into orbit. Oh, and I once read a really interesting Heroes/SPN crossover.  And astolat's Old Country, which was a SPN/Harry Potter crossover, was amazing. Maybe the key is knowing both sets of characters?

Poll #1323799 Crossovers

Do you read crossovers?


If the answer was no, do you make exceptions for certain fandoms/characters?


If you don't read them, why not?

If you do read them, what do you like best?

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Fic: Clear as Crystal (for thehighwaywoman)

Title: Clear as Crystal
Author: aynslee
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Wordcount: 2,180
Spoilers: Yes, through 4.10
Summary: Ruby wants.
Notes: Written for thehighwaywoman, who wanted Sam/Dean, outside POV. When I saw the prompt, I immediately wanted to write this fic from Ruby's POV. I'd been thinking of this for some time, and after one of the episodes, ninhursag and cormallen made some comments about why Ruby went to hell, and some of those ideas were similar to what I was thinking.
***HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!*** I hope it's close to something you wanted. :)

****I somehow managed to delete the original story and the comments.  Thanks to everyone who replied--I appreciate it, and I apologize for my idiocy!  :S

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